Breakthrough Process

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The Breakthrough Process- change your life in 7 weeks

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As a master NLP practitioner, I can take you through the breakthrough process.

This is a deep dive into a specific area of your life that you are finding most debilitating. Career (school for children),  relationships (including parenting/marriages/colleagues), finances, health & fitness, personal development, or spirituality.

From the moment we are born we make meaning via language. It is the code we use to store the memories of our past. Stored away in our brains and bodies are the experiences of our past that have created the meaning of our reality. Every “boys don’t cry” or “you’re stupid” or “money is the root of all evil” or “I am too busy” gets stored away as an unconscious instruction.

When we are very young our analytical minds are not developed. We do not have the capacity to analyse, we just accept what we hear as truth. Our minds are programmed with beliefs, values, and attitudes that often stay with us forever. The behaviours and emotions we experience day to day are created by these programs that are held unconsciously. Stored linguistically. To have lasting change and fast we need to access the operating system. The area of our mind that is running the program. Our Unconscious mind.

The breakthrough process does just that. Via a powerful series of linguistic techniques and processes, you are able to change your neurology and build new pathways of empowering beliefs that set you up for new behaviours, emotions, and outcomes.

CHANGE is possible you just need to START