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For better or worse…?

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Is your relationship everything you hoped? Are you looking for couples coaching?

Does this sound like your life?

You are furious with your partner. The thing is it’s not the first time you’ve had this problem. It’s not even the 10th. It’s always the same things, the same disagreements the same fights and results. Nothing changes for the positive, in fact, if anything it’s getting worse. You’ve tried everything and you still find yourself in a relationship that isn’t working. You wonder if there is any way that it can, and how it is affecting the kids? Where are you going to be 5 years or 10?

My name is Skye from family coaching and I’ve been working on relationships my whole life- haven’t we all. I know the frustrations because I lived them. My relationship with my husband was strained and I was becoming more and more disconnected from him. But I found a way through, and now I share this message and solution through couples coaching all over Australia and the world.

Here’s what I discovered. The problems couples face are the same. Do any or all of these sound familiar:

  • He/she never listens
  • She/he is controlling
  • He/she is never around
  • She/he doesn’t do what they say they will
  • He/she is self-absorbed
  • She/he doesn’t care
  • He/She doesn’t have the same values or ethics

When any of the above hits home you feel emotion. Anger, frustration, sadness, hurt.

There is a solution. Couples Coaching can help. CLICK HERE

Would you prefer to:

  • Have better communication?
  • Feel more connection and love?
  • Have an effective relationship with a separated/ divorced partner?
  • Feel understood and valued?
  • Thrive together?

I can help you get there with couples coaching. I did it and I’ve helped others do it.

Here’s what happened with me;
Marriage Coach North Perth

I was suffering from postnatal depression. We had 3 children and I felt like I had to do it all. I worked, scrubbed & cleaned, cooked, and ran around after my family. I felt like there was never enough time, I could never do it all. I was never enough. I hid behind a happy face but slowly and surely as my stress and anxiety increased my mental health deteriorated and so did my relationship with my husband (so did all my relationships).

Through it all, I always knew what I wanted.

I always had the drive to be the best mother and partner I could be. I wanted to be a good role model for our children and show them what healthy and loving relationships looked like. So when I came across NLP and timeline therapy I most importantly took action.

My husband and I took a leap of faith

and spent money we didn’t have, invested time and energy we felt we couldn’t spare and did something amazing. We implemented new thinking and when our thinking changed that is when it all changed. We now have a wonderful relationship. We laugh, find time for each other, and role model a healthy relationship to our children. When there is challenge we are able to support each other. When there is conflict it no longer damages our relationship rather it helps us grow.

This can be you too!

Take your leap of faith and decide today that the most important thing in life are your relationships. Book in a totally complimentary obligation-free couples coaching call and let me provide a specific and personalised solution for you.