Family life is ever-evolving and as children arrive and grow and the world spins, each day presents new opportunities and challenges. Family Coaching is about supporting families to be empowered, resourceful, and loving units.

My mission is to move towards what I want to see, not only in my own life and community but in the world.

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My name is Skye Bairstow (nee Brookes) and I established Family coaching. Through cutting edge personal development coaching (NLP -Tad James), Timeline therapy (TM), hypnosis and other techniques I offer results-based family support. With Family Coaching, you discover how powerful you really are in creating the life you WANT.

I am sure you have heard it said that we only use 5-10% of our mind. That is because 95% of our mind is UNCONSCIOUS. The systems that digest our food, breath, heal, and all of the automated programs that we have learned operate unconsciously.

Have you ever forgotten a pin number, only to have your fingers hit the keypad and just punch it out? How do you put your shoes on? How do you drive? how do you parent? We are no longer aware of the thoughts that drive our behaviours, its become an automated program. Like blowing your nose, brushing your teeth, or riding a bike as they say. All of these strategies (steps) are now part of the 95%

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We start with learning, move to doing, and then being. So once the behavior becomes automated it starts to just feel like who we think we are, we are no longer conscious of the thoughts driving it. And once you lose track of the cause, you lose track of how to change the behaviour. You just think it’s who you are. And the 5% that you are conscious of is not in control of the 95%. This is where NLP, Timeline Therapy (TM), and hypnosis come in. To access the operating system- the 95% where you can make change happen.

I am passionate about fostering change for families so that their day to day lives are exactly how they dream; right now. There is no need to just hang in there, wait until X happens.

You can have the life you want, starting today.

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Family Coaching offers coaching out of Mount Hawthorn, serving North Perth, West Perth, Leederville, Wembley, Subiaco, Mount Lawley, Highgate, Northbridge, and most central north of the river suburbs along with those happy to travel a bit further. We also offer telephone or virtual coaching to those further afield.

Coaching services include:
  • Couples coaching/ Marriage coaching- rescue relationships in 10 weeks
  • Parenting Coaching- Be the parent you always wished you could beAnxiety in children Mt Lawley
  • Childhood Anger- Release negative emotions for 10yr olds+
  • Teen behavior- Parents and young adults thriving together
  • The Breakthrough Process- change your life in 7 weeks
  • Hypnosis- reprogram your unconscious mind
  • Timeline therapy (TM) -Releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Forgiveness pentagon process- release yourself from old hurt
  • Remove procrastination- Take action
  • Smart goals training- Create your future
Skye Bairstow NLP Master coach

Master NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Master Timeline therapy (TM) & Hypnosis.

Postgraduate studies INPP Method (Sally Goddard Blythe)

Johansen Individual Auditory Stimulation (Sound Therapy)

Bachelor of Education in Early childhood at Macquarie University, NSW.

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