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Are behavioral problems an issue at home?

Do you have an angry child?

Do they have behaviour problems in school?

You are about to say good morning and the first thing out of your child’s mouth is they don’t want to go to school. You’re heart sinks, not again you think. You know that you can get angry, frustrated, you can reason, encourage, distract, and bribe but when you really face it nothing is making a difference. Do you wonder what is going wrong? This is becoming a serious problem…

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You walk past your child’s room there is stuff everywhere, jobs not done and there they are on their device. Get off that thing! You hear your voice bellow. The justifications start, or a rude response, or they just plain ignore you. With more demands to get off the device the situation escalates to a full-blown screaming match. They’re angry, no you’re furious and the relationship is being undermined at every turn. A part of you thinks it’s just a phase and the rest is petrified because if you’re really honest it’s getting worse. You feel helpless.

Yet, you resolve to do things differently but each day the same arguments, the same irritations keep surfacing, guilt rises and confidence falls. So what can you do to change the pattern? Let me explain.

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NLP for kids can help

My name is Skye from Family coaching and I’ve been working with children for 22 years. I know the frustrations because I lived them both as an educator and a parent. I found a way through though, and now I share NLP for kids with parents & children all over Australia and the world.

Here’s what I discovered. The problems children & teenagers face are the same. Do any of these sound familiar:

  • They don’t take responsibility; They give up and never follow through.
  • They have a bad attitude; rude and insolent behaviour; defiant behaviour.
  • They can’t regulate their emotions, e.g. tantrums, extreme responses, anger problems all the way to aggressive or violent behaviour.
  • They are lacking confidence or self-worth and esteem; are becoming withdrawn.
  • There are indicators of depression or anxiety. Thoughts of self-harm and suicide.
  • They are bullying or being bullied; experiencing peer pressure or competition.
  • Screen addiction

When any of the above happens you feel emotion. Fear, anger, frustration, sadness, guilt.

There is a solution. NLP for kids can help

Want to see your child thrive, show resilience and confidence? Would you prefer to:

  • See persistence and perseverance,
  • See confidence and self-worth,
  • See strength and resilience,
  • See responsibility, patience, growth, and assurance.
  • See kindness, understanding, love, and joy for life,

I can help your child get there. I did it with my own children and I’ve helped other parents & children do it too.

here is my story;

When my husband and I had our third child it really put the pressure on. If you know anything about rocks, stress equals cracks. This is when I first noticed that my then 7 year old and I had some work to do. I knew that left as it was her teenage years were not going to be pleasant and I really feared for what was ahead for her and I.

This is probably when my search started in earnest for a better way. I decided that how we had got to where we were didn’t matter it just needed to change. I started reading every child psychology book I could find, I sought professional help and my daughter and I did sessions.

It didn’t work. No matter how well I knew what I wanted and how hard I tried to be that parent and to try to change her behaviour and attitude it continued to be a problem. I could talk rationally until the cows came home but when the triggers came and the emotions flared it was always for naught. The same results, the same outcomes, the same groundhog day life ensued.I was desperate and demoralised.

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Then I found NLP coaching and in weeks everything started to turn around.

I finally was able to move through the old anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt. I really was able to see things differently. The things that really pushed my buttons became less of an issue so I could choose the responses I wanted instead of flying into autopilot parenting and regretting it later. And she started to open up and thrive, our relationship improved, we laughed again, we talked again. Sure challenges and disagreements arise daily yet now it is productive.

Fast forward almost 7 years and I can happily say that we came out on the other side. It took just weeks when I had the right tools. Instead of the teenage years showing the cracks and putting wedges in our relationship I am finding we are now stronger than ever and continue our journey every day.

Here is 10 year old Dylan’s story in his own words;

Before my mum and I took Skye’s classes I had problems too difficult to solve. I tried to erase them, forget them, but nearly every night, I remembered them. When Skye offered to help me, I said yes. She taught me how to deal with emotions, solve mental issues, and how to set goals and do them. If I hadn’t taken Skye’s offer, I don’t know if I’d be able to sleep. Now I sleep really well. Thanks, Skye

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