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Are you screaming on the inside?

Is your kid’s behaviour or attitude stressing you out?

Do you feel your temper rise after the 5th request to ‘brush your teeth’?

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DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOUR MORNING? You are almost ready for school drop off, you are feeling calm, the toothbrush donned with paste is ready to go. You’ve asked a few times but you can see they are occupied or are they just ignoring you?

Seven minutes later the toothbrush remains untouched. The clock is ticking and you start to feel irritated. You carefully mask that and encourage, cajole, and suggest some more. Three minutes later you’re getting angry but you keep a lid on it only enough to not yell the threats, guilt trips, and irritation.

Then it happens. The thing you promised wouldn’t….and it still does. You blow your lid in frustration and your child forlornly brushes their teeth. You feel terrible.

You resolve to do things differently and yet each day the same arguments, the same irritations keep surfacing, guilt rises and confidence falls. So what can you do to change the pattern? Let me explain.

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My name is Skye I offer Parenting Coaching as part of my family coaching business. I’ve been working with parents for 15 years. I know the frustrations because I am a parent of 3 and I have lived them. I found a way through though, and now I share this message and personalised solutions through parenting Coaching.

Here’s what I discovered. The problems parents face are the same. Do any of these sound familiar:

  • Your requests fall on deaf ears; Your kids refuse to follow your instructions. They resist eating dinner/ putting stuff away/ brushing teeth/ putting shoes on…
  • You’re dealing with a bad attitude: whining, whinging and complaining, name-calling, talking back, arguing irritability…
  • Bad behaviour; There is aggression or violence: your kids are rough, biting, kicking, hurting others…
  • Emotional outbursts are rife: It’s not just the odd tantrum, it seems like your kids just can’t regulate their emotions. They are volatile!
  • Lack of confidence; your child is shy, or has low resilience, self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem and you’re worried. There may even be signs of anxiety and depression.

When any of the above happens you feel emotion. Anger, frustration, guilt, fear.

There is a solution. Parenting coaching.

Want to be a more effective parent? Would you prefer to:

  • Be inspired to start a fun game of dirty laundry basketball instead of a screaming match.
  • Have clarity in the moment rather than being overcome with frustration or anger and falling into old habits of response. To be able to ask; is me being ‘right’ really what is most important here?
  • Be part of the game and have fun rather than feeling like the referee.
  • Be free to watch and support your children feel emotion without it painfully bringing up your own.
  • feel confident in your abilities and stop second-guessing yourself?

I can help you get there. I did it and I’ve helped other parents do it through parenting Coaching.

Here’s what happened with me.
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I had a degree in early childhood education, I had worked with thousands of babies and children in my Gymbaroo business, I educated parents and yet there I was with all the theory and none of the outcomes. I knew what I wanted my parenting to look like however, I just kept falling short. Every time my buttons were pushed I would go right back to that rigid ‘my way or the highway’ response. I felt disconnected from my children, my husband, and the world. There was a massive gap between the parent I wanted to be and the day to day experience that was mine and my family’s life.

The big turning point for me was letting go of all that stored negative emotion. Understanding what I was really upset about and moving through that. Finding the root cause, the thoughts that were driving the feelings and behaviour and deciding on more empowering ones. I was able to open up to new choices, new opportunities that I used to be closed off to. I completely changed my life. And so can you.

How Parenting Coaching Helped this family:

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And here’s Emma and Nate’s story. Emma was on a knife’s edge. An emotional wreck. She was struggling to deal with her son and just felt overwhelmed and powerless. She went from professional to professional and spent nights googling what was wrong with him fueling her endlessly worry. It seemed the school was forever requesting meetings and just the thought of another one was all but too much. She was struggling day by day and Nate was obviously worried. This is when Emma reached out and started family coaching; completing the breakthrough process as part of Parent coaching.

In 7 weeks she had turned everything around. Emma no longer has sleepless nights of worry and has stopped her constant googling. She now feels empowered and able to address concerns and issues as they arise. Her son is going from strength to strength as she is now open to opportunities. She has moved through her anxiety and now feels confident in her choices and abilities. Nate is just so grateful, he said “thank you for giving me my wife back”. My response was it was all her, she showed up for herself and made the change. And you can do it too.

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